My focus is on capturing the moments that matter, so you can fully enjoy them.

My Philosophy

I believe that the most beautiful moments happen when you’re free to be fully immersed in your experience, so I strive to be a “fly on the wall”, or even better yet, an all out Ninja, while documenting your special day. Heck, if it wasn’t super awkward, I would show up in full camouflage and take pictures from the bushes like a nature photographer. *Don’t worry, I won’t actually do that.

My obsession is to create the absolute best picture possible; every, single, time.

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I LOVE what I do.

There’s nothing lukewarm about my passion for creating beautiful images and documenting stories which will be cherished for years to come I’m honored and blessed that I get to experience the amazing energy that is a wedding, and document the love story that goes with it.

I strive to make every picture a testament of my dedication to this craft.

I’m an action over words kind of guy, so don’t take my word for it, let my pictures and the testimonials of my happy clients speak for me.

There’s no “just going through the motions” or “cookie cutter” mentality with me.

There’s intention and purpose behind EVERY shot.

I take every detail into consideration in order to create the best picture possible in any given environment, at any given time.

The lighting, the angle, the people, the story. What elements should be included, and which ones left out. NO detail goes overlooked, because the difference between a good photo and a photo that makes your eyes widen and your jaw drop is in those details.

I remain focused to ensure that the moments which matter most to you are documented, even if they happen for just a split-second.

You won’t find me slacking off. I respect that the most important moments happen for just an instant before they’re gone, so I’m always ready.

I aspire to create a fun, stress-free experience, so that you can feel comfortable being yourself, and focus on enjoying those moments.

NOBODY wants a photographer who is going to stress them out, or make them feel weird. I take my work seriously, but I’m easygoing and have a blast doing it.

I stay calm under pressure, and I’m always ready to quickly adapt and make the best of any circumstance.

If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that life loves throwing curveballs our way. I enjoy overcoming obstacles. It usually makes for a better story anyway. “Hey remember that time that everything went exactly to plan and nothing unexpected happened!” started no story ever.

And when it’s all said and done, I invest the time to edit every one of your photographs by hand. No “basic preset” or AI is used on your special moments.

Unlike most photographers who copy and paste settings or basic presets on large batches of photos, or use AI to edit for them, I take a handcrafted approach. Taking the picture is only half of the art, so I have invested thousands of hours into mastering my editing craft so that I can bring the essence of each photograph to life.

Each one of your photographs gets the attention that it deserves in order to keep you thinking “WOW” and feeling nostalgic every time you look at it.

And the attention to ensure that all of your friends and family are secretly super jealous whenever they see your photos.

I believe that talents are God's gift to us, and that he has graced me with the talent to creatively capture beauty in this realm.

Therefore I’m committed to using that talent to the absolute best of my ability, in order to honor Him.