High End Retouching Tutorial

$ 79.00 USD

Learn how to do a high end skin retouch on your portraits while keeping a natural look using dodge & burn (as well as several other techniques).

What this tutorial will cover:

  1. Distraction Removal (blemishes/stray hairs etc)
  2. Frequency Separation Brush (Hybrid Method)
  3. Local Dodge & Burn (skin retouch)
  4. Global Dodge & Burn (contouring)
  5. Sharpening

We will be working in Adobe Photoshop. Prior experience with this program would help, but is not necessary, as I will explain everything that I do in detail, including the why and how of the various tools that we cover. I will also provide you with many hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflow.

Included with this digital download:

- The full 1:58hr High End Retouching tutorial (digital download)

- The RAW file of this image (only to be used to follow along. Not to be posted anywhere)

- Photoshop actions for local dodge & burn, global dodge & burn, high pass sharpen, and frequency separation brush (to use go to Photoshop > Actions > Menu > Load Actions)

Model: Mary Braun / @_marybraun

You'll get 1 MP4, 1 ARW and 1 ATN (all in one zip file)

"Jon is one of the best photographers out there! He is also one of the best teachers I've come across when it comes to editing tutorials. He moved at an easy to follow pace and I guarantee you will see improvements in your work instantly. I like that he teaches you the concept not just the "how to." Definitely worth the time and money!"


"I've bought into so many tutorials on how to step my game up with retouching, well heres one really leveled me up and has halted my search for tutorials. Jon is very well spoken and gives clear detail and insight as to why he makes the changes he makes to the images. There are plenty of tutorial that show you how to edit and retouch but none give you a solid explanation or thought process as to why! My learning experience with the Jon Snip tutorial is one that has changed my work flow to edit faster/ and more efficiently and has given my the knowledge to use my tools to give my clients the best quality I possibly can.  If you are in need to step up your game in retouching and understanding the fundamentals then stop right here and search no further!"

Steven S

"I have NEVER had a better teacher. He explains every little thing step by step. I had zero experience with photoshop before watching his tutorials and now according to linked in skills quizzes im a certified pro ;). This teaches you literally all you need to know and even teaches you about his thought process throughout his workflow. I have been able to come up with my own editing style using his tutorial and have been using it to make $$$ This pays for itself. ALSO the photoshop actions cut my editing time in half"

Christine T